Special Events

22 / 6 / 2023 (Thu)
2:30pm to 3:30pm

Looking Ahead:
What’s Next For The Jewellery Industry

Seasoned jewellery industry leaders reflect on the lessons learned from COVID-19, their pandemic innovations that are here to stay, and how they are bouncing forward in a market shaped and defined by multiple forces.

In this session, our panellists will answer the following questions and more:

• How has the pandemic impacted their mindset on technology, customer relationship and human resource management?

• What advice do they have for business leaders still struggling with the lingering effects of the pandemic?

• What are the emerging trends shaping our industry’s new future?

23 / 6 / 2023 (Fri)
2:30pm to 3:30pm

The Future Of Jewellery:
Next Generation Of Industry Leaders

This panel discussion will feature next-generation business leaders who are challenging the status quo and transforming their organisations in a time fraught with risks and possibilities.

Our panellists will address the following questions:

• How are they preparing their organisations for the future?

• What is their definition of “luxury” post-pandemic?

• How are they winning the hearts and trust of millennial and Gen Z consumers?

• How are they using technology to empower their business?

• Why are they embracing the sustainability agenda?

23 / 6 / 2023 (Fri)
3:45pm to 4:45pm

Shaping the Future of Lab-Grown Diamonds: Opportunities and Challenges

Industry experts will share their insights on current and future possibilities for LGD jewellery design, manufacturing, branding and retail, and how LGD producers, jewellery makers and designers can collaborate to drive innovation and growth in this product category.

In this session, our resource speakers will address the following questions based on their unique perspectives and experiences:

• What are the key trends and developments that will shape the LGD jewellery market in the coming years?
• Why is the LGD jewellery market projected to experience significant growth in the future, and what are the key factors driving this growth?
• How can LGDs be used to inspire creative possibilities in jewellery design, and what are some effective ways for designers to incorporate them into their work?
• What are consumers looking for when they purchase LGD jewellery, and how are their preferences changing over time?
• What strategies are LGD jewellers using to differentiate themselves in the market?

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