19 – 22 / 6 / 2025

Visa Application

Visitors from most countries do not need a visa to enter Hong Kong, just a valid passport. 

Visitors should check and learn whether you need a visa or entry permit to enter Hong Kong for a visit or transit when planning your travel. Please click here for details.

In the case that a visa is required, visitors can submit their applications directly to the Hong Kong Immigration Department or through a Chinese diplomatic or consular mission in their area of residence. Please visit www.info.gov.hk/immd/ for details.

A visa must be obtained if any foreign visitors plan to go to mainland China. This can be done in Hong Kong within several days, you are advised to obtain it before you come to Hong Kong. 

For enquiries, please contact:

Hong Kong Immigration Department 
Immigration Tower, 7 Gloucester Road , Wanchai, Hong Kong
T: +852 2824 6111 
F: +852 2824 1133 / 2877 7711 
E: enquiry@immd.gov.hk 
Website: http://www.immd.gov.hk

Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals – Immigration of HKSAR

The Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals had been implemented on 23 January 2017.

Please click here for pre-arrival registration and more details. 

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