Fashion Jewellery Pavilion 2023

Fashion Jewellery Pavilion

View the latest Spring/Summer 2024 collections and order direct from top suppliers at JGA’s Fashion Jewellery Pavilion! Located in Hall 5E of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, this exciting theme pavilion will give buyers a preview of the design and style trends that will impact fashion jewellery demand in the coming seasons.

What will you find?

Costume Jewellery

Base metal, bead, ceramic,
gem-set, glass and plastic jewellery

Stainless Steel & Titanium Jewellery

Plain metal and stone-set jewellery

Natural Materials Jewellery

Wood, stone, shell and natural material bead jewellery

Meet these suppliers and many more at JGA’s Fashion Jewellery Pavilion!

Exhibitor Name參展商Booth NumberOnline Showroom
Cleee-Group LimitedCleee-Group Limited5E720VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Dongguan Jinjing Hardware Jewelry Factory东莞市长安金晶五金制品厂5E742VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Dongguan Pinzhixin Jewelry Co Ltd东莞市品之鑫首饰有限公司5E841VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Gary Fashion Accessories Limited基利飾品有限公司5E714VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Guangdong Ason Jewelry Co Ltd广东爱森饰品有限公司5E735VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Guangdong Extreme Co., Ltd广东壬子精密科技有限公司5E736VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Guangzhou Jewelry Swordsman Imp. & Exp. Co Ltd广州市饰剑客进出口有限公司5E730VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Guangzhou Justop Accessories Ltd广州致好服饰有限公司5E302VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Guangzhou Qingyu Fashion Jewelry Co Ltd广州市庆钰饰品有限公司5E712VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Guangzhou Succeeding Trading Co Ltd广州三得盈经贸有限公司5E806VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Guangzhou Xuan Xuan Jewelry Co., Ltd广州萱萱饰品有限公司5E843VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Guangzhou Yazhiqi Jewellery Co Ltd广州雅之琦饰品有限公司5E636VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Hebest Jewelry Shenzhen Co Ltd深圳市汇比特首饰有限公司5E823VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Ho Ho Ornament CoHo Ho Ornament Co5E813VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Jinyi Jewelry Vietnam Company LimitedJinyi Jewelry Vietnam Company Limited5E716VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
King Yuan Craft Products Co Ltd东莞市景源工艺制品有限公司5E826VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Lauren-Spencer Limited樂瑞欣飾品5E816VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
MG Fashion Co Ltd广州家瑞成企业管理有限公司5E824VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Mylove Jewelry Co Ltd浙江麦娜饰品有限公司5E612VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Panda Fashion Jewelry Factory义乌市盼达饰品厂5E719VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Pujiang Yuze Jewelry Co., Ltd义乌市雨泽饰品有限公司(芷蕊)5E829VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Qingdao Daxin Handicraft Co Ltd青岛大新工艺品有限公司5E626VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Shenzhen Bunsik Stainless Steel Jewelry Co., Ltd深圳市本色不锈钢饰品有限公司5E835VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Shenzhen Saidiwei Co Ltd深圳市赛迪微电子有限公司5E719VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Sincere & Co Jewellery Limited (Guangzhou)圣斯首饰(广州)有限公司5E830VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Sunking Jewelry Mfg东莞市远景珠宝有限公司5E624VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Sweet Jewellery Co Ltd义乌市华旷饰品有限公司5E620VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Viennois Fashion Jewelry Company Limited广州市威妮华时尚首饰有限公司5E706VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Yiwu Blossom Jewelery Co Ltd义乌市繁盛饰品有限公司5E630VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Yiwu Duoyun Jewellery Co Ltd义乌市朵云饰品有限公司5C502VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Yiwu Hongye Jewelry Co Ltd义乌市鸿业饰品有限公司5E306VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Yiwu Landun Jewelry Co Ltd义乌市蓝顿进出口有限公司5E802VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Yiwu Liang Li Accessories Co Ltd义乌市靓利饰品有限公司5E726VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Yiwu Qinasi Jewelry Co Ltd义乌市奇钠斯饰品有限公司5C402VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Yiwu Resen Jewelry Co., Ltd义乌市日晟饰品有限公司5D108VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Yiwu Xing Jiong Jewelry Limited义乌市星炯饰品有限公司5E723VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
YiWu Xinshang Jewelry Co Ltd义乌市欣尚饰品有限公司5E805VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM
Yiwu Yueshou Import and Export Co., Ltd义乌越收进出口有限公司5E844VIEW PROFILE & SHOWROOM

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