Exhibitor Badge Collection Reservation System

Reservation System for Exhibitor Badge Collection

To avoid crowds on-site, exhibitors are required to book the timeslot for badge collection through our online booking system.  Please read through the following details and make your reservation.

Deadline: June 17, 2021

Each booking is valid for one staff only, each staff should make his/her own reservation.

If exhibitor fails to present in 15 mins after the reserved time (e.g. reserved 15:00 and do not show up after 15:15), the reservation will be cancelled and exhibitor shall queue up in the stand-by zone. 

Rules and regulations:

A. All exhibitor staff must collect his/her own badge in person.

B. No authorisation letter will be accepted.

C. Each exhibitor staff should present the following items when collecting the badge:

1. Booking confirmation email
2. Badge collection number (Please refer to the email of “Book your timeslot for exhibitor badge collection”)
3. Business card
4. HKID Card/Passport/EEP
5. COVID-19 Test negative result / Vaccination Record (Please click here for details)

D. Our staff will record the image of the COVID-19 test negative result / Vaccination record.

E. Exhibitors will not be allowed to access to exhibition halls if they fail to comply with the above requirements.

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